CORPOMED started its activity in November 2011, and a month later it obtained the status of a Non-Public Healthcare Institution. The aim of the uprising was to provide comprehensive rehabilitation and treatment services to the residents of the Wesoła district, both fully paid and through the National Health Fund. We currently have two facilities.


CORPOMED Centrum Rehabilitacji Miłosna,


which has been operating since 2011, is located in the very center of the Stara Miłosna estate, on the main street (John Paul II), near the pharmacy, opposite the POGODNA clinic, post office and gymnasium. Right next to it, there is a public transport stop - POGODNA 02 (bus lines: 502, 411, 198, 173, 147). Lines 198 and 143, which can be reached - like the other buses mentioned - to the clinic itself, are coordinated with the arrivals and departures of Mazowieckie Regional Railways and Szybka Kolej Miejska (station "Wesoła-A 198) (station" Międzylesie "-A 147). There are also parking spaces for cars next to the clinic. A lift is available for disabled patients.



CORPOMED Wesoła Rehabilitation Center,


started to provide services from November 2018, provides full-paid services in the field of rehabilitation and medical advice, as well as financed by the National Health Fund as part of the day rehabilitation center. The facility is located in the Zileona-Grzybowa estate, on the main street (Wspólna 2c), connecting the Wesoła district with the Wawer district. There is WESOLANDIA Aquapark in the facility. Right next to it, there is a public transport stop - JAGIELLOŃSKA 01 (bus lines: 115, 173). There are parking spaces for cars right next to the clinic.

Both of our facilities are modern and monitored facilities that meet all safety standards. They are also fully adapted to the needs of disabled people and equipped with new, professional equipment for both physical therapy and kinesiotherapy.


The aim of the CORPOMED company is to enable patients with neurological diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system to fully recover and to an active social and professional life. This is achieved by the highest quality of rehabilitation and treatment services offered at very attractive prices. SERVICE PRICE LIST (click)


The effectiveness of our services is guaranteed by a professional team of experienced, best in their field, passionate professionals: doctors and physiotherapists, supported by dedicated administrative staff. Concern for the patient's well-being, supported by knowledge and professionalism, is the basis for the effectiveness of treatment and a guarantee of success.


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