This term is derived from the Latin words: acus - "needle" and puncture - "puncture", which is a method of piercing the body with special needles at specific points.

Acupuncture is one of the departments of Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Traditional translation of acupuncture


Acupuncture has a tradition that goes back several thousand years. For centuries, attempts have been made to explain the way it works, which led to the creation of the theory of energy channels and the vital energy Qi circulating in these channels. According to these explanations, a network of channels (meridians) connects internal organs and tissues with the surface of the body and the acupuncture points located on it. Life energy should circulate freely in these channels. It happens when the body is in harmony with nature.

Diseases are believed to be caused by disturbance in the flow of this energy in the channels, its blockage, deficiency or reverse flow. The cause of these disorders may be the so-called external or internal pathogens. Blocking the vital energy may cause pain, which can be detected on palpation.

Acupuncture by puncturing specific points on the human body restores the correct energy flow and mobilizes the body to eliminate pathogenic factors. It restores the state of balance [1].


How to explain acupuncture today?


For a medic, concepts that were invented centuries ago were difficult to understand, such as "channels", "meridians", "circulating life energy". I couldn't quite imagine this network of channels. Science came to my aid.

Life energy is nothing else than the physiological processes taking place in our body.

The channels are fascia.


I'm already trying to explain it.


It took a long time for scientists to determine what a saying is, even though it has been observed by people for a long time, e.g. hunters and butchers define the so-called "Silver skin". You can compare the fascia to a tight fitting full-body suit with a delaminating inner layer creating separate pockets for each muscle. It serves to keep everything connected and yet divided. There is also a superficial expression that separates the skin from the muscles and is involved in thermoregulation, circulation, lymphatic flow and of course it is connected to the deep fascia. We also have meningeal and visceral fascia.


The fascia is a colloid. A colloid is a substance in which solid particles are suspended in a liquid. It is therefore a fiber and a liquid (interstitial fluid). It creates a scaffold on which everything else in the body is built. Interstitial fluid is responsible for the transport of nutrients to cells, rebuilds tissues, is involved in inflammation and lymphoedema. Abnormal flow gives the body a sign that it signals a disease. It is our inner universe [2].


By puncturing the acupuncture point, the acupuncture point touches the fascia, causing it to resonate, thereby facilitating the flow of interstitial fluid. This flow is a guarantee of maintaining healthy tissue.