CORPOMED - Miłosna Rehabilitation Center,

has been operating since 2011, it is located in the very center of the Stara Miłosna estate, on the main street (John Paul II), near the pharmacy, opposite the POGODNA clinic, post office and gymnasium. Right next to it, there is a public transport stop - POGODNA 02 (bus lines: 502, 411, 198, 173, 147). Lines 198 and 143, which can be reached - like the other buses mentioned - to the clinic itself, are coordinated with the arrivals and departures of Mazowieckie Regional Railways and Szybka Kolej Miejska (station "Wesoła-A 198) (station" Międzylesie "-A 147). There are also parking spaces for cars next to the clinic. A lift is available for disabled patients.

The facility provides rehabilitation and treatment services as well as ultrasound diagnostics

Patients can also use the services financed by the National Health Fund in the following areas:

- Outpatient physiotherapy


We work

MON - FRI from 8.00-20.00

SAT from 8.00-14.00


Phone for registration:  22 773 00 27


How to get?

BUSES (POGODNA stop) 198, 512, 411, 147

PARKING - available at the clinic. entrance along the estate road along John Paul II


You're welcome