MA in physical rehabilitation,

clinical dietitian,

sports nutritionist


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She has been specializing in the rehabilitation of spine diseases since 2001, a certified therapist of the McKenzie method, and many rehabilitation courses (including the Feldencrais method, DBC - back pain therapy)



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Centrum Rehabilitacji Miłosna 

ul. J.Pawła II 218, 05-077 Warszawa-Wesoła


Tuesday   16:00-19:00   

Centrum Rehabilitacji Wesoła

ul. Wspólna 2c, 05-075 Warszawa-Wesoła

THURSDAY     16:00-19:00 



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tel: 22 773-00-27  (Miłosna)

tel: 22 760-06-92  (Wesoła)


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