Dr. med. Specialist in Neurology St. I and II


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A graduate of the Medical Academy in Łódź, almost from the beginning of his professional career associated with the Warsaw Medical Institute (WIM) at ul. Szaserów in Warsaw
2nd degree specialist in neurology. It accepts both children and adults


                 SCOPE OF CONSULTATION               

Neuroogic advice for adults and children


                PLACE OF CONSULTATION             

Centrum Rehabilitacji Miłosna 


ul. Jana Pawła II 218,

05-077 Warszawa-Wesoła


TUESDAY       10:00-14:00   

SATURDAY     9:00-14:00   

Centrum Rehabilitacji Wesoła


ul. Wspólna 2c,

05-075 Warszawa-Wesoła

WEDNESDAY     14:00-16:00 


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tel: 22 773-00-27  (Miłosna)

tel: 22 760-06-92  (Wesoła)


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