Med. 2nd degree specialist in paediatrics


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A graduate of the Medical Academy in Warsaw.

Graduate of postgraduate studies in management

Graduate of postgraduate studies "cosmetology for doctors"

A long-time employee of the pediatric departments of the hospital in Wołomin i

Międzylesie Specialist Hospital in Międzylesie

He lectures at the birthing school for parents

Participates in the regular TVN-Style TV program "and my mother is also a doctor"

Provides advice for parents on the "" portal


                PASSED COURSES                   

- ultrasound of the abdominal cavity (adults)
- ultrasound of the breast cavity (adults)
- ultrasound of the thyroid cavity (adults)
- Pediatric ultrasound
- Vaccinations in children


                SCOPE OF CONSULTATION                

Adult ultrasound
- ultrasound of the abdominal cavity
- breast ultrasound
- ultrasound of the thyroid gland

Ultrasound of children
- children's ultrasound of hip joints,
- ultrasound of the abdominal cavity,
- head ultrasound


                          HAS ADOPTED                         

Centrum Rehabilitacji Miłosna

ul. Jana Pawła II 218,

05-077 Warszawa-Wesoła

FRIDAY:        16.00-18.30 (USG adults)

SATURDAY:  9.00-10.30 (children's ultrasound)

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Tel.: 22 773 00 27


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