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*KOBIDO -Japanese lifting massage


Kobido is a set of manual massage techniques that intensively stimulate the synthesis of supporting fibers, improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin. In addition, it affects the blood and lymph circulation, thanks to which the skin is better nourished and the swelling is eliminated.

It is an intense, deep massage of the face, neck and cleavage. It works great before an important event, when we want to look perfect. Made in a series of treatments, it gives spectacular effects of natural rejuvenation, without the use of invasive methods. The series is a three-month therapy. In the first place, 8 treatments should be performed, in the second - 4, and in the third - 2-3 reminding treatments, and then, to consolidate the effects, you can perform a kobido massage once a month, giving yourself a moment of extraordinary relaxation.

Therefore, it will also be a great alternative for people who cannot or do not want to use injection treatments.

It is one of the few methods that affects not only the tissues at the skin level, but also the deep structures that build the face, such as fasciae, muscles, blood and lymph vessels. For this reason, it will be an ideal preparation for aesthetic medicine treatments as an introduction to the entire therapy.


The effects of kobido massage :


- It is a completely natural and non-invasive form of face lifting and rejuvenation
- Provides visible and long-lasting effects that are difficult to achieve with other methods
- It has a positive effect not only on the appearance of the face, but also on well-being and getting rid of accumulated stress around the face


Health effects of Kobido massage:


- Regulates the energy balance of our body,
- Fights stress,
- Provides complete relaxation and rest,
- Reduces the effects of bruxism,
- Soothes headaches,
- Increase in joint mobility.


How much does such a procedure cost?


- A single treatment lasting 90 minutes - PLN 300,
- A package of 6 massages, 90 minutes each - PLN 1440 (you save as much as PLN 360 !)





- - A single treatment lasting 90 minutes – PLN 300,  now PLN 240


*Kobido massage is performed only in CORPOMED Centrum Rehabilitacji Miłosna ul. Jana Pawła II 218