AQUAI water membrane massage is a way to get rid of spine and body muscle tension


What does the AQUAI massage treatment look like?

The patient lies down on the waterbed, preferably in a loose outfit that does not restrict movement, sweatpants. Then the massage effect will be more effective. Due to the characteristics of the AQUQI bed, it is strictly forbidden to wear jeans and shoes.
The treatment lasts 20 minutes, during which water at 40 ° C with the help of movable jets massages all parts of the body under pressure, from the muscles of the shins, through the buttocks and spine, to the muscles of the neck, giving a feeling of relaxation and a positive effect on our body.


What does waterbed massage give you?

- Soothes back pain
- soothes pain in muscles and joints,
- improves circulation
- reduces swelling,
- speeds up metabolism,
- improves mood,
- stimulates and adds energy,
- relaxes and calms down
- allows you to stay in good shape and youth for longer.

Massage with underwater water jets is recommended in cases of:


- states of fatigue after intense physical exertion,
- overload states after static operation,
- muscle pains caused by poor body posture and overload,
- muscle paresis,
- neurogenic muscle atrophy,
- degenerative diseases of the peripheral joints and the spine,
- chronic inflammation of the joints,
- lumbago,
- neuralgia,
- in rheumatoid arthritis
- damage to peripheral nerves,
- depression
- circulatory disorders
- after soft tissue injuries,
- in people with lymphoedema,
- with thrombophlebitis (gentle massage 6 months after the treatment),
- cellulite

Who can't use a membrane massage?

- infants and young children and people unable to express their needs
- pregnant women
- patients with conditions whose symptoms may worsen due to physical pressure or vibration induced by massage (e.g. epilepsy)
- patients who have been advised against or forbidden by the doctor from using the procedure.


Contraindications to the use of membrane massage are:

- active neoplastic disease,
- fever or medical condition


How much is it?

A single membrane massage treatment - PLN 25
Package of 10 membrane massages (20 min) - PLN 200